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Event Security

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When you are planning an event, you need a security company that you can trust. Blue Line Security
Group is the best event security company throughout New York, with over 28 years of experience and
some of the most skilled guards available in the industry. Backed by our impeccable reputation for
quality and affordability, guards from Blue Line Security Group provide reliable protection for events of
any type and size.

Blue Line Security Group has experience supporting the security efforts for a wide variety of events, including: sporting events, award shows, public government meetings, celebrity appearances, location filming, corporate conferences, business meetings, grand openings, concerts, festivals, galas and private parties.

At Blue Line Security Group, we offer unmatched event security and protection throughout New York. Our team of security professionals understands the needs of event producers and will help you get the solutions you require. We will assess your event and provide you with security preparation, prevention and threat appraisal for crowd control and emergency response.

Some of the event security services we provide to corporate; entertainment and private clients include:

  • Pre- and post-event logistics

  • Traffic management and crowd control

  • Managing access to restricted areas

  • Booth security and patrol

  • Emergency response

  • Security inspections in the venue and meeting locations

  • Coordinating with event staff to address security risks

  • Controlling access at entrances and exits

  • Monitoring the perimeter of the venue

  • Managing disruptions that could impact the flow of events

  • Communicating with law enforcement

  • Information security for products or trade secrets

  • Responding to unruly attendees or violent situations


For event security services, request a quote from Blue Line Security Group today.

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